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Get your gifts on! Don't keep them on your back-burner any longer. Live and do what you were meant to be doing. My newest book on Amazon takes you there simply (and elegantly!).

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Katherine's book, There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel. You. is on Amazon.com. It is a gathering of her heartfelt blogs to inspire you to find and shine your light. We are the light in our dark.

Katherine A. Rayne is author of Back To Being A Woman (Without Changing The Man), a book on having healthy relationships with yourself and everyone else, as well as There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel. You! made up of her light-hearted blogs. Her newest book, #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal, is her favorite and will get your gifts front and center instead of on hold. She has contributed to Neapolitan Family Magazine, eTransformation Guide, Suncoast Transformation Magazine and Positively Positive.com. She is a coach and team member at                                    

Find my community built for women and my blogs at www.BackToBeingAWoman.com         ~Katherine A. Rayne                
"Your work is to discover your world and t​hen with all your heart give yourself to it."                                         ~Buddha

Back To Being A Woman (Without Changing The Man)  for sale on Amazon.com.

Katherine is the author of Back To Being A Woman (Without Changing The Man). You'll improve your relationships and be inspired to live a better life with the ones you love.                                                                         

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Back To Being A Woman. 

Enhance and embrace your Life!

                                                                                                "I love being a thinker, but it's more                                                                                                          fun being a do-er!" ~Katherine A. Rayne

Katherine A. Rayne

I am an author and blogger (mom and preschool teacher) who has created a community to reach out and inspire women who are tired. :) Like me. Tired, because we have responsibilities that equal no others. You aren't going to just exist anymore. You are going to sharpen your mind (and head) and aim yourself directly towards your dreams and accomplishments, while pointing yourself away from the worry in the process!

(With Out Worry = W.O.W.) 

And there's no time like the present!